Don’t Sink!!!


In the past weeks of rain, we have had more than one call for a sinking boat! Be proactive. Give her a quick check to save yourself a huge headache. Preventative maintenance is smart maintanence.

Sinking Boats are the number one cause of major marine losses and the  primary reason why marine insurance costs so much. Insurance does not cover everything! There are a lot of fines associated with a sinking boat.

With all the rain we have been having lately, it is really important to make sure your vessel is not in jeopardy of sinking.

  1. Check to make sure your bilge pump is working properly and has the capacity to handle the extra water.
    1. Bilge pumps need to be cleaned to operate best. No debris or oil.
    2. Properly Secure the pump so it doesn’t fall over and burn up.
    3. For every 2 pumps, there should be 1 back up.
  2. Check your battery will support the bilge.
  3.  Check your drain plug.
  4. Check your plastic seals; they can crack, and a small leak will cause a big problem.
  5. Make sure your scuppers are at least 4″ above the water line.
  6. Check hoses. Cracked? Weak? Replace.
  7. Check for Wet Wires.

Don’t be that guy… Do a quick check to preserve your investment.


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